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The Swedish Vallhund is a breed of dog kalson own as “Vthe ästgötaspets” in Sweden. In Swedish: Vallhund translates to herding dog.

history of swedish vallhund

A rare breed, having been saved from extinction during the 1940s, it is believed to have originated over 1,000 years ago.

It was developed for use as a drover and herder of cows.The Swedish Vallhund is also known as the Swedish cow dog.

all about colour,coat etc

The coat is short and harsh, with a tight topcoat and a soft and dense undercoat. The hair on the foreparts of the legs is a little longer than that on the neck, chest and back parts of the hind legs. Furcolour varies from grey, greyish brown, greyish yellow to reddish brown with darker hairs on back, neck and sides of the body.

Lighter hair in the same shade of colour as mentioned above can be seen on muzzle, throat, chest, belly, buttocks, feet and hocks. They have lighter markings on shoulders, also known as harness markings.

Some dogs show white to a small extent as a narrow blaze, neckstop or slight necklace, as well as white markings on fore and hindlegs and on the chest. The maximum is 30% white.

swedish vallhund health

Swedish Vallhund is generally a healthy dog. Its small stature makes it often long lived, with an average life span of 15 years.  Its pointy ears mean that, unlike dog breeds with long, hanging ears, ear problems are rare in the Swedish Vallhund.

This breed does well in hot climates due to its double layer coat as long as it is provided cool shade and water. This breed does not do well in very deep snow because of its short legs.

types of vallhund

Vallhund has an inherited type of progressive retinal atrophy disease in 34.9% of the population, which appears as mild to moderate night-blindness around the age of ten.

The Vallhund can compete in dog agility trials, obedience, Rally obedience, showmanship, flyball, tracking, hiking, and herding events.Herding instincts and trainability can be measured at noncompetitive herding tests.

Vallhunds that exhibit basic herding instincts can be trained to compete in herding trials.
  • Swedish Vallhunds do not respond well to harsh verbal or physical corrections.
  • The Vallhund can become a nuisance barker, especially if he is frequently left alone.
  • Vallhund is a herding breed and may nip at children’s ankles as they run by.
  • The Vallhund is not necessarily a good “first dog.” He requires plenty of socialization, training, and exercise to be a good companion.

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