Pedigree VS Drools which one is best

pedigree vs drools its most confusing brands to buy.

The pedigree and drools these are one of the most popular dog food in India. so it is confusing which one is best lets check out dgflood blog

Every dog lover want’s best dog food for their dog. to make their dog healthy and fit. therefore more concerned about the quality of the food.

Various brands are available these days it is confusing which one is best. but the suitability depends on factors like

  • brand origin
  • price
  • quality
  • ingredient


This pedigree is from Company Mars Inc.formed in 1911 by Franklin Clarence Mars

This brand is worldwide famous because its gave value for money and cheaper then other brands like taste of wild,royal cannin,science diet etc.but it give balance diet not so much variety in its products.

May be it is best for medium temp region but not for polar or cold regions.
The PEDIGREE food has all the nutrients as required by a pet to live a healthy and prolonged life it gave 20 to 30 percent protein carbs.30-50 to chicken only NO omega fish oil .
The various flavors  like chicken, milk, rice etc. are available.

Price start from 250 to 500 per kg.


drools is one of the popular brand which sold out more in India is drools. this brand quire huge market share in less period of time.there are many reason which make this brands popular.

drools give best price range and also quality dog food in this price range

drools is most sales dog food brands on amazon .it is favorite dog food brand is south India.

drools price is mediam it start from 300 to 1000 per kg.

there are many flavor are available in drools. eg. egg, chicken, milk, vegetable, grain & grain free it also come in basic & advance .focus (grain free) is the best feed for big dog breeds which fill up all the nutrients which dog needs .

I think i solve your confusion about which bran you have to go for drools vs pedigree,drools or pedigree

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