How to start Dog breeding business in 2019

Dog breeding business

You don’t need to have a chubby wallet to start dog breeding business. Dog breeding is not a great way to make money if you have never dog. But it is not enofe to start dog breeding business

How to enter in dog breeding business

  • Start from 2-3 bitches because they can easily cover your expense and can give u little  bit of profit also and good knowledge.
  • Firstly understand your surrounding market. See what breeds people want to buy.
  • For example in Punjab people like pit bull, German shepherd dog, American bully and so on.
  • Spend more money on dog quality not on quantity

I generally lost all my  money every year, between the well and sick visits for the adults, well puppy visits before the sale, shots, dewormer, injuries, pregnancy and birth complications,

If you can study vet cource it will save your lot of money.

the death of my breeding stock, x-rays and genetic testing, the massive amount of food and canine toys and accessories and the registration fees with the AKC.

Printer ink and paper for brochures, pamphlets and contracts alone would put a heavy dent in my pocket.

But there was such joy in the tenderness the bitch showed her pups, in watching little naked pups grow into fluffy, rolly-polly youngsters. In seeing the faces of those that fell in love with their dogs even before they bought them.

I always loved keeping in touch and seeing how the dog was cared for and how it grew and developed.

You will also need a strong backbone. Those that don’t actually need the type of dog you’ve bred or need no dog at all, for that matter, will try to purchase from you.

How to get buyers

You must interview all possible buyers/potential owners for their knowledge base of the breed and their ability to care for the animal, less it end up abused, neglected or in a shelter. You have to be able to say “NO!” and stick with it. You MUST ALWAYS do whatever is best for your babies.

Make shure that buyer can take care of that baby or not.

And give puppy after 1.5 month .because that time puppy need personal care from his mother. but because of some stupid’s they dies in few month

I have seen that some breeder mix the breeds with low quality dog with high price range dog  to gernate more profit. please don’t do that .

And you must have a strong stomach, time and patience. Good dogs need more care and traning. take a lot of care and training.

I would never purchase from a breeder that couldn’t control their dogs (pups are different, they tend to be fluffy balls of tail-wagging energy, which can’t be contained) or were not clearly loved.

I refuse to contribute to a puppy mill! There will be a LOT of poop to clean up after the two week mark and the mother can no longer handle the load by herself.

There will be shredded shoes, chewed table legs and food packages thughtlessly left out that are torn into hundreds of tiny, difficult to pick up pieces.

Take care about their health

A mess to clean from the birth of the pups and you’ll need to be there to assist if anything goes wrong.

I’ve had to reposition or pull a puppy from the birth canal more than once or lose my bitch and the pups. My vets weren’t always available and I live about 40 miles from the closest 24/7 clinic.

also have to decide and have a plan for what you’ll do with the dogs you’ve chosen and purchased for breeding that do show an ability to pass on undesired genetic disorders and diseases. It’s not responsible to breed them, even if they’re perfectly healthy.

Will you keep the dog? Rehome? I always kept mine as they were always part of my family, from day one.

You have to take care of so many things, like do you have enough room or the facilities to house the dogs and pups, do you work too much to spwnd enough time with your dogs and are you expecting a new child or a big move in the near future

Do you own your home? All these questions and many, MANY more, must be answered before you ever purchase your first bitch or sire.

Above all else: keep the breed you choose in good standing. Don’t give other breeders or your choice of breed a bad name because of irresponsible choices.

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