How to increase your dog lifespan

how to increase your dog lifespan

Yes, it’s true that you can increase your dog lifespan by the tips which I will told you in the below

I know most of you are thinking about there is secret behind it not at all you have to make your dog healthy by these tips

 Don’t give them a single bit of chocolate or any sugar contenting because it will lose these hair cot shine and harm to his skin & may it face skin problem so never give him sugar

Human food I have write many article on this topic if you want read check it out

check it out


Human foods are not safe for dog? Lol it’s not true at all. but some items like

1. Chocolate

2. Caffeine

3.Onions, garlic, and chives

5. Alcohol(its harmful for all human and dog)

6. Grapes & raisins

7.Blue cheese


May harmful for your dog

You can give them to your babies

  • Wheat, maze, rice (most of dog food brand contain 25 %to 40% of grain .and they are saying “share your love not your food
  • Carrot (carrot is best and good alternative of bones they increase bold flow )
  • Spinish  and (may you have )
  • Potato, peas
  • Sweet potato
  • Curd (it is refreshing for your dog in summer )

Yes. Chicken of cause  (if its summer doesn’t   )


theses item help to your dog to increase there lifespan

Try to give them there time. I know it not increase its lifespan but its help both of u to live Osm life

Don’t feed them expensive brands feed(its may acoor swelling smell from your dog mouth)  .you can test some brands and select best of them which can give best result for your dog .

also read

Visit to vet. monthly

Give them love & care .I am waiting for you comments. and you can suggest us more tips on owr intagram page dgflood .thanks for reading (men watch and legend read)

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