how to take care of husky in summer

how to take care of husky in summer

basic about husky

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The Husky is a medium size working dog breed that originated from Northeast Asia. The breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family. With proper training, they make great sled dogs.


5 tips for make your dog cool in summer

  • you need air-conditioned house or cooler in the summer. When it hits 84 degrees F, the dogs is in a cool 65 degree in house.

  • The dog need pool to play in summer. The kiddy pool must be in shade, so the water doesn’t get hot, and you need shady yard, the dog can lie in the water and cool off her belly and paws.

  • Don’t take your dog out when it’s hot. and you have to be very careful about checking the day’s temperature, making sure we’re going to be in shade, and bringing cool packs for the dog.

  • If your dog is out in the summer and the dog starts showing signs of heat or discomfort, leave him immediately.

  • you can take them on beach. If you’re in home, you know that the water is NOT warm. Same there, just a little more south. Even during a hot day, the water is going to be fairly cold (Baywatch lied!), and is great for both dogs and humans to cool off.

  • In the summer, they walk her in the mornings and evenings, when it’s cool and the pavement isn’t baking

Huskies are bred for survive in very cold climates. the fur that insulates against cold also help them protect from heat. Husky prefers the yard to the house and on hot days digs a good spot under the big trees and bushes. they need cool space .

The important thing is for them to have a cool spot in the shade, plenty of water, and a natural coat. The coat helps them so most breeders will tell you NOT to shave a husky. You do need to brush and groom them well to get rid of shed hair .best dog food for huskey

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